Team Sales Order Timeline


  • 4 Week Order Processing on Inline Products

    Orders made up entirely of a manufacturers “in-line” products, which are uniform components that are currently available in the Soccer Stop warehouse or are available for order and immediate shipment on the respective manufacturer’s online ordering system, will be processed and shipped to you within four (4) weeks from the date of your order submittal.
  • Why it Takes 4 Weeks

    Each year Soccer Stop makes a calculated estimate as to the number of uniforms, warm-ups, bags etc. needed for the coming season using size and type (i.e., men’s, women’s, girl’s, youth) historical data. We are required by the manufacturer to place a bulk order 6-8 months before club tryouts, so our ordering amounts are best estimates and not perfect. In order to offer the uniform items at such a highly discounted team rate, we do not have profit margin room to be left with an overstock of inventory that is not purchased. For this reason, we do our best to order 110% of our estimated needs and when those items reach a critical level we move into an “at-once” purchase/buy order with the manufacturer, this is to close the gap between our original bulk order and the actual need. “At-once” ordering means we order uniforms from the manufacturer as orders are received in the website. With that in mind, when your order is received it is possible all items are available in the Soccer Stop warehouse and your order will be fulfilled in an amount of time less than 4 weeks.* Some clubs utilize custom uniform items that are specially designed and created by the manufacturer. If your club uses custom products, it will be indicated on your clubs team uniform ordering page. These items may take up to 8 weeks to be manufactured and delivered to the Soccer Stop team warehouse.
  • Back Ordered Items

    Unfortunately there are times the manufacturer decides to discontinue the product or does not have available inventory in products we require until a date specified far in the future. We understand this is an inconvenience and you would prefer to have the product you ordered, but it is out of our hands how much inventory the manufacturer hold in their warehouses. A Soccer Stop representative will contact you should there be any issues affecting our ability to obtain the product necessary to process your order and/or any other issue that may affect our ability to meet the above timeframes for processing and shipping your order. They in most cases will try to offer a solution to the issue i.e. change of size etc.
  • Picking up Your Order at the Soccer Stop Corporate/Team Office

    If you selected to pickup your order at the corporate/team office you will be notified via email and a phone call when your products are ready for pick up.

    • Pick Up Address
      15055 E Hinsdale Drive
      Centennial, CO 80112
    • Pick Up Hours
      October 21st – June 1st, 2020
      Monday-Friday: 9am-4:30pm

      June 1st – October 16th, 2020
      Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm

  • Adding Items to Your Order
    If you have submitted an online order and you would like to add to it, you must place an additional order online. We cannot add additional items to an order that has already been submitted in our system.


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